Instruments and Fees

We accept musical instrument donations.  We take the donated instruments and have them restored to a proper working condition.  Once repaired or serviced properly we will put that instrument into the hands of a child who otherwise would not be able to have one.

We also accept monetary donations.  Money donated will be used to fund our scholarship program wherein students at the High School level can apply for and receive financial assistance in meeting their band participation fee obligations.

Catherine's Closet

Musical programs and students want to show off their hard work! To do that, there are shows, recitals, and concerts conducted through out the year. In order to look their best, there is often a mandatory dress code, the clothing required is usually only worn one time, and kids grow FAST! Band directors at all levels shared with us the challenges parents and students face in meeting the standards, so we started Catherine's Closet. We accept donated dress attire for boys and girls, and will provide dress code specific attire to students in need.

Instrument Petting Zoo

Our organization provides an Instrument Petting Zoo to the elementary schools in Lebanon, TN. We have partnered with LSSD and visit the schools and take over the music class for an entire week. Grades 3-5 get to participate. We bring a variety of instruments for students to see, hear, hold, and play. Our goal is to ensure that students know about the middle school band program being an option to them. This program is a lot of fun and brings joy to us and our volunteers when you witness the excitement in a child who plays an instrument for the first time. Volunteers of all musical skill levels are encouraged! Please contact us if interested.

Got Instruments?

Do you have an instrument in your closet or attic and feel embarrassed to donate it because you feel like it is in awful shape? You aren't the only one! We hear it all the time. Donations of musical instruments are always encouraged! We accept any musical instrument you can imagine. Please donate any instruments you don't want anymore, regardless of the shape you think it is in!! We will happily take them and use them in some way.

Please email us at to discuss drop off arrangements.


Got Time?

Interested in helping us conduct a petting zoo?  Please email us at to discuss availability and schedules for upcoming events.

Got Clothes?

We always have a need and space to accept more articles of performance clothing.

Girls clothing typically required black dresses, black cardigans, and, black dress shoes.

Boys clothing typically required black dress pants/slacks, black or white long sleeve button up shirts, black dress shoes, and black belts.

Please email us at to discuss drop off arrangements.