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Our Belief

Our community does not have a lot of activities for students after school. This leaves students vulnerable to negative experiences. By being involved in a band program, students have opportunities to form positive and lifelong bonds of friendship and support.  Additionally learning to play a musical instrument has proven to be a useful skill for life, learning, and happiness, not to mention that it is a skill that could potentially gain them scholarships for college.

Our Story

The idea for Catherine's Orchestra for All, began in the summer of 2017, when Catherine personally witnessed hardships faced by her peers when it came to the ability to afford band program participation.  She saw families acquiring debt in forms of participation fees, families unable to affect timely repairs on instruments, and worst of all she saw kids foregoing a desired music education because of the families inability to pay for an instrument.  She took it upon herself to start helping by finding instruments for those that needed them.  Sadly, Catherine passed, August of 2017, but her idea didn't.  A few months later, her parents, best friend, and a few other close friends picked up the mantle and officially started Catherine's Orchestra For All.  We don't do this because she died, we do this because she lived.  Without her the world would be a lot less fun to listen to.


Meet the Team

Catherine's Orchestra is a team made of family and friends.  There are many of us, all who volunteer their time and talents to help propel Catherine's idea forward.


Erin Rheinscheld


Catherine's mother Erin, has a background in the legal and regulatory fields.


Katherine Stranahan

Co-Founder/Vice President

Erin's Best Friend and Mother to Julia, Katherine has a background in physiology and education.


Julia Stranahan

Co-Founder/Social Media Director

Catherine's Best Friend, Julia is recent High School graduate and college freshman.  Currently attending The University of Tennessee Chattanooga working towards a career in political science.


Josh Rheinscheld


Catherine's father and husband to Erin, Josh Works for Amazon's IT division. This enables  Josh to ensure our IT functions are always working. He also serves as our brain and controls COFA's finances.